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Cloud / VPS
  • Private or shared infrastructure
  • Low start-up costs
  • Diverse network
  • Disaster recovery options
  • Diverse fiber and IP network
  • 24x7 security, bandwidth and environmental monitoring
  • Static IP addresses
  • Various space and power options

Dedicated Servers
  • Custom configurations
  • Your choice of OS
  • Basic support included
  • Advanced support optional

Dedicated Servers - Bare Metal Servers
With our dedicated server offerings, we provide and manage the server hardware. We keep replacement hardware available in order to improve repair times in the event of a system component failure. A full array of dedicated server options are available and servers can be custom built to suit your needs and budget.

Full managed services are also available which can cover full operation of servers, operating systems and software.

Server Co-Location - Bring Your Own
We offer a number of colocation plans allowing you to locate your servers at our facility in a controlled environment. Located in Salem, NH in close proximity to Boston, MA and Manchester, NH. Let us make sure your server is up and running around the clock with our real-time monitoring system. These are un-managed plans for customers that are savvy enough to manage their own server. A server plan with support hours is optional. Plans without support hours are billed hourly for required support. The below plans represent single-server colocation options, you can also lease larger amounts of rack and cabinet space in our facility.

  • 95th Percentile or per-GByte billing
  • Dedicated, burstable switch ports on a private VLAN
  • Gigabit uplink port (10 Gig available)
  • Closely monitored tier1 internet connectivity
  • Connectivity to multiple providers
  • Infrastructure built end to end with no single point of failure
  • Redundant Liebert CRAC units with humidity control
  • Availability monitoring for up to 5 services
  • 24x7 physical access to your equipment
  • Responsive, pro-active technical support
  • Free migration consulting if you are switching providers

Cabinet and Rack-based Co-Location
Half or full rack (7ft. 48u) and secure locking cabinets

  • Bandwidth commitments up to 1000 Mbit or more available
  • Infrastructure built end to end with no single point of failure
  • Two Ethernet drops in VRRP configuration for redundancy
  • Industrial-grade, highly reliable power
  • 20 or 30 amp 120v power circuits, generator backed (208v optional)
  • Redundant air conditioning systems with humidity control
  • Skilled techs on-site to help with provisioning, server and network configuration
  • Facility and your equipment monitored 24/7
  • 24x7 physical access to your equipment available

Basic Cloud - Virtualized Shared Server Solutions
A cost effective way to begin deploying your infrastructure. Various options are available. All servers utilize modern server infrastructure, high speed network attached storage and various backup options.

Private Cloud Deployments and Management
Avoid potentially busy and overloaded cloud platforms by deploying your own private cloud platform. No more sharing resources with dozens or hundreds of other customers, no more unplanned random reboots in the middle of the night, a private cloud solution will put the infrastructure in your hands and it will be devoted entirely to you and your organization.

Cloud for Web Designers and Developers
Let us be your server and hosting people while you deal with the web sites for your clients. We are able to manage most aspects of your hosting needs with custom control panel software and custom security and e-mail services not found at many other web hosting providers. If you have a few clients or even hundreds, we will be able to cost effectively manage your web hosting needs.

Distributed Cloud
If down time can cost you sales or damage your businesses image, you might want to consider the added assurance of having your services hosted in more than one location. With today's technology and software, it's no longer a simple disaster recovery or backup proposition, all locations can be active serving customers and performing tasks simultaneously with the network able to withstand losing one or more location for extended periods of time.

Distributed Cloud for Crucial Web Sites
Our distributed web hosting platform is the simplest and most cost effective way to give your web site the highest level of reliability available. Unlike other solutions, anycast is utilized for TCP web traffic and no proxies are utilized between the web server and the network, database clustering is included and all locations are live at once (not just a separate site for fail over). It is true next generation web hosting with traffic distribution and failover between East and West coast data centers (with more data centers to be added in the future). Anycast improves performance and allows rapid failover in the event of a data center or server related outage in either location.

  • Built-in redundancy allows immediate failover
  • Live file mirroring keeps your files in sync
  • Traffic distribution using Anycast
  • No complex configuration
  • No special programming required (use existing PHP code)
  • Supports existing applications such as WordPress and Drupal
  • Standard web hosting control panel
  • Hosted MySQL database cluster
  • Sophisticated firewall and security techniques
  • Anycast DNS hosting included
  • Custom solutions available for medium and large enterprises